Knocking Down Another?

Myth, that is.

Obama as messiah. This is one I do not quite understand. Take a gander at any right of center blog and you’ll see comment after comment referring to some sort of liberal hero worship of Obama. I read a fair number of liberal/left blogs and simply do not find evidence for their (our) supposed cult-like reverence for the One. If anything, the major liberal blogs criticize the administration on a daily basis.

Is this just a case of projection? I do not think it’s inaccurate to state that conservatives/Republicans were especially enamored of Bush/Cheney. Any criticism of the previous administration was met with allegations of insufficient patriotism to outright treason. L’etat, c’est Bush, indeed.

Of course, asserting that the other side did it, too is no defense. But I really am at a loss for an example of Obamessiah.


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