A Thousand Little Hoffmans

The fallout from the 23rd CD (NY) continues to be felt today. Fear of a Hoffman primary led all of the NYS Senate’s GOP caucus to oppose extending marriage equality to gays and lesbians. According to many in the chamber, the votes to pass the bill were thought to be there, including several from Republicans. However, they failed to materialize.

Recent polling shows that a majority of New Yorkers support equal marriage rights. Obviously, support varies across different regions of the state. Even so, there is little reason for Republican members from moderate districts to have opposed the measure except for fear of a Hoffman riding in to challenge them next year. While the NY GOP is not a party of religious conservatives (see, Giuliani), there are enough of them in certain districts upstate to see why certain members voted no. But, I still have a hard time getting my arms around suburban and Long Island members casting no votes.


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