The Stupid Party

It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly stupid today’s GOP has become. But today brings news of something so preposterous that it deserves special mention.

According to Politico, several GOP Senators want Senator Franken to come to their defense. Recall that in October, Franken offered an amendment to defund any government contractors whose employment contracts prohibited their employees from pursuing civil action in cases of rape (forcing them into arbitration instead). At the time 30 Republican Senators voted against the amendment. And have, since then, been subjected to criticism and scrutiny of those votes.

Some commentators have gone so far as to say that these Senators support rape. And while that may not be factually true, those who opposed the Franken amendment have offered not a single defense of their vote. What made the matter more interesting was that these same Senators all voted to strip federal funding from ACORN after some questionable behavior was filmed. So it is not as if these Senators believe in the absolute sanctity of government contracts or that the federal government ought not to have a say over the practices of the organizations with whom it contracts.

Also, when it came to light that Blackwater, another military contractor, paid bribes to the Iraqi government, not a single of these Republican Senators offered any criticism or called for the termination of contracts with Blackwater (now Xe).

This is hypocrisy of the highest order and it serves to further discredit the Republican brand. Voters look at these situations and see GOP Senators defunding ACORN over pimps and hos, but offering tacit support for denying rape victims civil justice. To the average voter, that is just wrong. It is unfathomable that 3/4 of the Republican Caucus in the Senate voted against the Franken Amendment.

And now for these same people to expect Senator Franken to come to their defense is absurd. Even if the attacks against them are unfair or out of context, aren’t these the same people who labeled anyone who questioned President Bush’s wars as unpatriotic at best, terrorist sympathizers at worst? Now they want Al Franken to protect them from the consequences of their indefensible vote? Talk about chutzpah!


2 thoughts on “The Stupid Party

  1. Honestly, the complaints in the article would resonate with me more if those Senators had stood up and defended the patriotism of those who criticized the Patriot Act and President Bush’s prosecution of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    So in that sense, cry me a river, Senators.

    Without weighing on whether the Franken Amendment was good or bad law, we’ve got to stop conflating any law (good or bad) with a nice sounding purpose with support for the goal expressed. It’s lazy and corrosive.

  2. I agree with you on conflating laws and purposes. But I think the average voter is not savvy enough to understand a law’s details and therefore we will invariably end up with platitudes and cliches. I’m not a fatalist, but I do not believe we’ll ever see much improvement in our civic discourse.

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