Please, God, Make It Stop

Some days I just want the media to cease to exist. Today is one of those days.  MSNBC has already shown it loves them some disgraced pol’s kids (see, for example Liz Cheney, aka She-Ra the Torturer), but now they have gone so far as to put Luke Russert on, too. I’m not sure just what Luke’s credentials are for pontificating about current events, aside from the fact that he sprang from the loins of Tim Russert. But in the Beltway media that is apparently sufficient.

And don’t even get me started on Andrea Mitchell using Sarah Palin’s Facebook page as a source of climate questions for Al Gore. Or Fred Hiatt putting her fact-free scribbles on the WaPo op-ed page.

And that idiot Stossel debuts his program on Fox Business tonight. Apparently it will be all about how Ayn Rand got it right. Ugh. Why can’t we have a better media?


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